• Media Relations

    If you run a corporation, organization, non-profit, professional or trade association, at some point you will find yourself in the news. Dealing with the media can be challenging, but ALZA Strategies can help you turn those challenges into opportunities. With more than 20 years of media relations experience at the local, state, national and international levels, ALZA Strategies can guide you through the media process and help you communicate the messages that will help reach your organization's goals. We can help you craft powerful and effective messages and ensure those messages receive the broadest possible exposure.

  • Crisis Communications

    The most important step in crisis management is preventing crises from occurring in the first place. ALZA Strategies team members have helped navigate some of the highest profile media crises in America. Having a crisis management plan can helps mitigate a crisis, but sometimes it's inevitable. When a crisis situation arises it must be managed correctly and expertly.

  • Public Affairs

    Public affairs campaigns can be complex. At ALZA Strategies, we have developed the experience and skills necessary to lead you through the intricate process of crafting a public affairs campaign from the ground up. Whether trying to win an election, build grassroots support, create a new image or persuade someone to take your side on an issue, we can help you create and manage a successful public affairs campaign.

  • Latino Outreach

    "En Alza" is Spanish for “On the Rise." With California’s economy, Latino population and political clout on the rise, ALZA Strategies not only seeks to similarly raise the level of media communications on behalf of mainstream clients who want to tap into Latino markets, but also help Latino clients tap into mainstream markets. ALZA Strategies has extensive relationships within the Spanish-language and Latino media as well as experience with outreach into the Hispanic community.

ALZA Strategies

ALZA Strategies is a full-service strategy firm that offers high quality media relations, strategic communications and public affairs services for clients whose reputations and goals are on the line.

"En Alza” is Spanish for "On the Rise.” ALZA Strategies believes we can raise the level of communications for clients who want to tap into media markets in California, the U.S, and around the world.

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